How to Pick the Right Nailer for the Job

The good old hammer is the classic tool used by almost everyone when hammering something on a surface. It is a pretty fine tool for quick or simple construction projects. However, if there are more hammering jobs that need to be done, using the trusty hammer isn’t enough. This is when nail guns enter into the picture. This tool makes hammering nails easier, quicker and more convenient than the usual. Aside from saving your time, you can also save your energy while doing your home project.

Nail guns come in different types and each of them has its own unique purpose. Read along to learn more how to choose the right nailer for your home project and its proper uses.

Framing Nailers

The Framing guns are meant to be used for heavy duty purposes. This type of nailer is commonly used for wood framing and heavy construction. It can nail down nails up to 3 ½ inches because of its strength and nailing power.

Flooring Nailers

As the name implies, flooring nailers are used on nailing some things on the floor. If you’re looking for the right tool that will speed up your installation of floor boards, you’ve come the right way. Instead of wasting time fitting tongue-and-groove boards, a flooring nailer can definitely help speed up the installation process. Simply put the nailer on the spot you want to join together, a simple whack, and then the nail is in perfectly.

Roofing Nailers

Roofing nailers are made to drive nails into the roof faster and more convenient. This type of nailer is meant to handle nails that have larger heads and a lot shorter than regular ones. The nails are usually on a coil, which could save you some time because you can use the nailer longer without refilling the nails. You can choose between a sequential firing and just dual contact firing, depending on your preferences.

Finishing Nailers

Finishing nailers are meant to be used on finer and more intricate task. It is best used on mouldings, base boards, cabinets, and other tasks that use light gauge nails. You can pick whether to use air compression types or cordless ones. Either way, they can produce neat looking work in binding smaller parts together.

Brad Nailers

Brad nailers are commonly used on lighter projects such as small wood projects, upholstery, and many more. This type of nailer is perfect to use on project that require lots of precision to be sure that everything goes well. Brad nailers look different than other types because it is not angled, unlike framing and finishing nailers.

Nail guns or nailers are definitely a big help no matter what type of construction project you are handling. Just like any other tool, safety should always be first before using this power tool. Be sure to stay alert while using this tool to keep you and everyone around safe. Knowing what kind of nailing project is essential to help you choose the right nail gun for the job.