Tips For Efficient Home Storage

There comes a time in every house, where there are far too many unnecessary items just lying around everywhere, which really makes the overall environment of the home extremely claustrophobic. In order to overcome this obstacle, you need to decide whether to get rid of things or simply store them for later use. Most of us would opt for the latter as we never really never know when we might need these items again. The next struggle we face is how and where to store such things in a way that it won’t really clutter any room inside the house.

Here are some tips on how to properly store all those unneeded items lying around the house.

Selecting The Right Place

Before you get started, you need to find a great place in your home, which you won’t tend to bump into that often. This can vary from the garage, basement or even just simply clearing up some space under the staircase. This really depends on the amount of items you’re planning to temporarily get rid of. If the items are easily perishable, like wood or glass, you may want to find some space which would be safe from rain or other natural elements. Ensuring that pests would also not be able to enter the storage space is extremely important as they may tend to destroy things such as books and linen.

Going Vertical

When you do ultimately find a place to store all of your things, you might encounter another problem. This is when you don’t really have enough space to store all of your things, or you have stored them in such a way that there would be an accident soon. Organisation is key here. By storing all of your things vertically you’d be able to stuff more items in the small space. You’d be surprised at how much of extra space you’d have if you just simply stored all of your items vertically. 

Making Every Inch Count

If you’re still trying to find some space, but can’t seem to find any that would fit all of your items, you may want to consider using spaces which are already occupied, but still have room to keep other items. A prime example of this would be by using the underside of your bed. By keeping things there, you won’t see it on a daily basis and would have solved your storage issues. There are also bound to be cabinets which you haven’t been fully utilized. You should be able to find valuable space in here as well.


If you don’t organise your space well, you won’t have enough room for everything. The best option to organise your space is by purchasing equipment online from websites like You’ll be able to find storage boxes which could be easily put away in an organised and neat manner after you’ve stuffed everything away.

Thus in conclusion, even though home storage may seem like a simple task, you really need to take all of these factors into consideration to ensure that you really maximize the limited space that you have!