Tips for Running a Company like A Well Oiled Machine

A smooth running company is the dream of every employer; yet not everyone is lucky to have such a company. Here are a few tips to convert your company that resembles a well-oiled machine…

Hire With a Purpose and With Utmost Care

Hiring the right person for the job can almost guarantee you smooth sailing when it comes to a company. Ideally, you should hire people trained for their job; taking care to have a mix of talent and experience. Why a mix; you ask? That because it’s vital to have creative and innovative ideas coming in through young blood…while you still need the guidance of those with experience to avoid the tried and tested pot holes.

Every Person Hired Needs to Go Through Basic Training

Whether they’ve worked for years before they were hired or are interns straight out of college, every employee you hire needs to go through basic training before they actually start working for you. Make sure that they receive training for not only their work, but also on treating customers/clients the way the company sees fit. It’s also best to drill in the goals and ideals of the company during this period. If your commercial space doesn’t have the space for training exercises, consider opting for training room hire exclusively available for this purpose…

Be Vocal about How You Like Things Done

In an ideal world, your employees would be able to understand your every wish without you having to open your mouth. They’d get the work done exactly how you want; without even having to consult you about it. However, we don’t live in an ideal world. Communicate and share your ideas so your employees know what you’re after. Be vocal about how you want things done before they screw things up.

Understand the Difference between Leading and Ruling

A true leader will be right there with his employees, carrying an equal share of the weight. Lead by action and example; understanding that if you want your employees to be punctual, for example, you should get to work on time as well. Strive to be an employer who praises the good work in public but only bad work in private. Earning the respect of your employees also paves the way to a smooth running company/business.

Be Open with Your Employees

A negative workspace promotes slower work and less productivity. The way an employer treats his employees has a direct impact on the positivity or negativity of the workspace; so be a pleasant and energetic person to be around at work. Be firm, yet supportive¾listening to their problems and suggestions. Trust them to carry out their tasks without having you breathe down their neck, and they’ll do their best to disappointing you. In short, be open with your employees, so they will not hesitate to approach you for anything.

Make Sure Your Second in Command Is Up For the Job in an Emergency

If your company is a ship, and you’re its commander, then it’s vital that you have a competent second-in-command to handle the ship in your absence. We understand that you like being the captain; but even your passion for working cannot predict accidents and emergencies that will keep you away from your company. At such moments, your company needs to be able to function smoothly even without you. You’ll also find that having a capable second-in-command will give you the freedom to occasionally take a little time off for yourself; which inevitably will help you be the captain of the ship for longer…