Your Ultimate Guide on Becoming Stylish

All of us love to look stylish. However, not many of us are willing to experiment or even go through the effort that goes in looking stylish. So here is a guide, if you follow all of them I promise you will look more stylish than ever!

Look After Your Hair

For us girls our hair is everything, it helps us to experiment on our looks which makes us look stylish. So in order to be able to do different kinds of styling your hair needs to be strong. So it is important that you look after your hair well. You need to make sure you give yourself a good hot oil massage, this will help to circulate blood and those promote a healthy growth. Apart from that refrain from using heating tools on a regular basis, if you have to then make sure you use a heat protecting spray. You could also use hair mask once every two weeks, you can get them from any beauty store or make one at home using egg and castor oil. If you follow the above regime you hair will look shinier and you are highly unlikely to have a bad hair day especially if you have an important event coming up. 

Upgrade the Wardrobe

In order to remain stylish you will have to update your wardrobe as often as possible. This will ensure that you have all kinds of garments that are trending right now. However, one thing that needs to be avoided here is to blindly following the fashion. Keep in mind that everybody has a different body shape and size so certain things might not look good on you. So don’t wear them just because it is in trend. Your wardrobe needs to have varieties from shalwar kameez to skinny to tank tops you need to have them all in order to be able to wear something different at every occasion and also to be able to pull off different kinds of styles. If you are looking for a common style which could be worn at any occasion then your wardrobe needs to have some classy shirts as well. You could get your womens polo shirts online. They are perfect for an important office meeting or a random date with your best friend.

Look After Your Skin

Your skin is also important just like how your hair is. A clear and flawless skin would give one the confidence to walk out bare skin.

It is not that easy to get a clear skin, you will need to work for it. So make sure you have a strict skincare which is followed every single day religiously. Also make sure you never sleep with your make up on, this could do a permanent damage to your skin. If you already have skin issues then make sure you go to a professional and get it treated. If you have a clear looking skin then you are less likely to cake yourself with make up on.

If you follow the above guide then you would look a lot more stylish than you are currently!