6 Major Benefits of Physiotherapy

Is your terrible posture giving you back pains and neck strains? Are you suffering from a sports related injury, or simply just sprained your ankles? Then physiotherapy is the answer for you. This specific type of physical therapy can be used to increase muscle movement that has been constrained due to a sickness, injury or disability. Physiotherapy helps in restoring the movement and functioning of damaged muscles in the body. This is done through a series of exercises and activities provided by a physiotherapist. Here are 6 major benefits of physiotherapy:

1.      Decreases or Removes Pain

A physiotherapist could guide the patient in a series of therapeutic exercises and therapy techniques to assist in providing pain relief. For instance, pain can be reduced or relieved via electric stimulation, joint or soft tissue mobilization or taping.

2.      Improves Movement

Muscle stretching and strengthening exercises are involved in physiotherapy. This helps in restoring and improving the movement of muscles. Physiotherapist can make a personalized plan for each person, which could include crutches, canes or other helpful devices which aid in movement. Make sure to visit quality clinics, such as Body Motion Physiotherapy to get the best results.

3.      Curtail Surgery

Physiotherapy can help prevent you from going into the operation theatre. If the physical therapy is reducing the pain, providing the needed relief and improved movement, there is a high probability that you will not be going ‘under the knife’. In addition, compared to surgery physiotherapy is inexpensive and can help in saving you a ton of money.

4.      Recoveries

Physiotherapy can assist a person with a stroke gain more independence. Physical therapist can help patients diagnosed with a stroke, by providing the needed exercises and therapy to improve weakened muscle functions. Additionally, different sports can elevate the chance of a specific category of injuries. For instance, those who are regularly training to run a marathon are at a higher risk of obtaining stress fractures. Physiotherapist can specialize in certain areas and provide a specific plan for recovery to ensure the individual can get back into the sport.

5.      Prevention of Falling and Improves Balance

When an individual has an appointment at a physiotherapy clinic or department at the hospital, they could be tested for a fall risk. If the person has a high chance of falling, a physiotherapist can provide the careful and secure exercises which can enhance balance to carry out daily activities more safely. This can also include programs or exercises to help in improving an individual’s coordination. Furthermore, if balance is a problem due to the vestibular functioning, specialized plans and exercises will be provided by a competent physical therapist.

6.      Diabetes Management

Exercise is a key in managing blood sugar levels. Physiotherapists can formulate an exercise plan to help a person manage blood sugar levels, especially if they are diagnosed with diabetes. Most patients with diabetes tend to have issues with sensation in their legs and therapists will be able to provide steps needed for optimum foot care to reduce or prevent such symptoms from coming up.

Relieve your muscle pain or recover from injuries by visiting an excellent and competent physiotherapy clinic and you will be on your road to recovery.

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