7 Ways to Incorporate a Dining Room into Your Kitchen

There are always fun ways to work around the space of your house. Be it a small space or a big one, size is never an issue when it comes to cooking in a beautiful and classy interior. All you need is a little bit of creativity and inspirational ideas to make the magic happen. Having the kitchen and dining room allocated together can be both convenient and space conserving. Here are some cool ways and styles to make it happen!

Connect through colours

While using a contrasting colour palette to your dining room and kitchen that are side by side, using the same colour palette could help make the spaces feel whole and connected as one. The best way to do this without making it look too overwhelmed and heavy would be to accent the wall colour of one area into décors of the other.

Face to face

Arranging the dining table to face the kitchen is a commonly known concept. But it is important to keep in mind certain factors in order to make the space easy to move through or work in. Using a petite yet big enough round table works wonders as the lack of edges makes it easier to navigate without disturbance or unnecessary obstacles.

Table for an island

Have a gaping gap for an island but got no island? Spending for an island is one way to go, however if you’re looking for a more adjustable and budget friendly style to compensate, you could always throw in a long rectangular dining table with chairs on three side and a bench on the fourth making it more kitchen friendly while giving you a fun dining space all the same. Zoe’s kitchen and dining supplies could give you a hand in bringing the area to life.

Banquet styled seating

Make the most of your corners and nooks! Going for a banquet styled seating area in the kitchen edge can be extremely space conserving and efficient at the same time. It also gives you a chance to throw in a bit of fun patterned and coloured cushions to make the place a little bit more vibrant and unique. You could make use of the wall above the banquet seat with a built-in shelf.

Bar styled seating 

If you don’t have the space to throw in a table, you could always the most out of countertops and islands by adding in bar stools across one side or more. It’s not just as functional as a dining table as it could also seat more people and be tucked under when not in use, making it convenient to move around.

Parallel vs. Perpendicular

Depending on your space layout and floor plan you could merge your dining room and kitchen by keeping your dining table either perpendicular or parallel to your kitchen. Having it set up perpendicularly could give it structure and composition while keeping it parallel could be effective and easy. Either way they help merge the spaces without getting in your way.

Always remember the importance of convenience through it all as amuddled-up kitchen and dining room is not going to reward you with comfort. 

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