8 Great Dressing Tips for Slim Women

A slim body is any woman’s dream. Sometimes, however, the smallest fashion faux pas can make you anxious about your beautiful body. Here are a couple of very useful dressing tips for those with slim bodies. 

Say No to High Heels

If you’ve got a beautiful slim and tall physique, it should be just enough to make you look attractive. Therefore, there is no need for you to look taller than you are. Avoid high heels whenever you could and opt for stylish flats instead. You’d see that your body gets a very balanced look. With a pair of high heels however, you are only going to look much taller and perhaps, a lot skinnier than you are. 

Choose Vibrance

They say that black makes you look slim. If this is true, you would want to opt for colours that are nowhere close to black. Choose yellows and bright oranges. Wear more of these vibrant colours instead of black, dark brown, grey, and navy. 

There’s Something About Sweaters

Loose sweaters somehow tend to make you look less skinny. They can also be quite stylish when it comes to pulling off a cosy casual look. Pair a loose sweater with some jeans and you are just going to love the minimalist look. 

Wear Your Belts Low

Mid waist belt wearing is meant for those with fuller bodies. If you are on the skinny side, this is something you would want to avoid completely because it is only going to make you look much slimmer, which isn’t really attractive. Wear your belt slightly lower and you will see the incredible difference it makes!

Careful with Stripes!

Vertical stripes make you look slimmer and taller – and that is exactly why you would want to avoid them! Opt for horizontal stripes instead, in bold tones perhaps – they should look great on you, no doubt!

Monotones Might be the Way to Go

It is believed that monotones orsingle patternsgive you a fuller look. Thus, the next time you shop for blouses and dresses, you may want to look for a few of this type. Try them on and check yourself out in the mirror – you would see that there really is something about such simple designs. Check out the awesome collection of Natopia dresses online to find some really gorgeous pieces. 

Layer Up!

Layers are a great way to put on a bulkier look. Not to mention how incredibly chic and stylish it can turn out. Just make sure you pick the right pieces. Denim and leather jackets are definitely you must haves when it comes to pulling off sleek casual looks. Have a couple of loose Ts and crop tops to go with it. Consider chunky accessories like necklaces whenever you could – it could never be too much on a slim and slender body like yours!


A scarf will make your bosom look fuller and your neck longer. Of course, though, this is not the only cool thing about a scarf. They come in gorgeous prints and colours, and are just great if you want to add a touch of charm or a pop of colour to your outfit. Grab a couple in beautiful prints and colours, they should blend in perfectly with almost all of your solid outfits

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