A Beginner’s Guide to Sewing Kids’ Clothes with Spandex

If you’re planning on sewing your kid a cute outfit, be it sportswear, hoodies, party dresses or even simple attires, with spandex material, then it may not be as complicated as you think. Although the first time may be a challenge, knowing the basics can help you get through it. So here are a few things you need to be aware of when it comes to working your magic with this very material, for your kid!

The material

Let’s start off with what you should keep in mind about the material you’re going to be working with. When purchasing spandex materials, it’s important to check quite a few things such as the quality, stretch recovery and transparency.  Ensuring these factors in turn helps you ensure that it’s long lasting and durable.

The right needle

Although a normal needle might work on it, there are higher chances of it causing skipped stitches. You can find needles as well as all other essentials that are specifically made for such materials at Boo Designs. Using the right needle would be a much safer and less risky approach as it would protect the material from loose stitches and possible damages or tears. Select the appropriate needle size that works with the thickness of your spandex.

The thread types

When you’re sewing on a spandex material, do not make a habit of using just any cheap or in-hand thread. Woolly nylon or a hundred percent polyester thread is two of the best choices to make use of. Polyester thread is considered to hold strong through sweat, water and other factors whereas woolly nylon is also strong but a stretchy thread and works well on spandex.

The sewing machines

While having a serger makes seaming the edges easier, you don’t necessarily need one. A regular home sewing machine would work just as perfectly well when it comes to stitching spandex materials. Make a habit of always testing the process first. Having a regular foot press, depending on your type of stitches, can help immensely and make stitching on spandex a smooth and easy task.

The way to cut

When cutting out the blocks for stitching, it’s important to do it on a big flat surface. It is also important to use a sharp scissor in order to cut properly and avoid the spandex from getting stretched or pulled unnecessarily. Make note of the direction the fabric stretches before you begin cutting it out.

The stitching processes

It is highly advised to work on zigzag or knit stitches rather than the usual straight-line stitches. This is purely because zigzag and knit stitches hold the attire together through thick and thin and stretches alongside the fabric. Holding the materials down together with a pin during the stitching process can avoid slips or crooked and uneven stitches. Also make sure you avoid stretching or pulling the material while stitching.

Although spandex doesn’t crease, always remember never to use any harsh or direct form of heat on spandex. Enjoy your stitching!

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