A Sweet Gift for Your Favourite Toddler

Are you on the lookout for a perfect and worthy gift for your favourite little toddler? Gift choices for toddlers are an endless list, but here’s what we think can be of great use and make a loving gift all in one!

Picture Friendly Story Book

Colourful pictures get kids attention and make them want to engage in it. It adds the perfect amount of educational value for a kid who hasn’t yet begun to read. The visual demonstration of the story helps inspire thoughts of their own and boosts their development in many ways. 

Organic blankets

Kids hold a sentimental value towards cuddly blankets. Then snuggle with it while asleep at night or even drag it behind them to the sofa for a nap during the day. It’s important to consider organic blankets made of pure cotton. They’re soft, durable and provide the best and ultimate comfort without the risks of rashes or other skin allergies.

Play mats

Toddlers are at an age where their ideal play location is on the floor surrounded by toys. So, when we say rugs we mean a soft and versatile kids playmat that can be used to keep the ground safer for kids and stimulate their senses. Selecting a more fun play mat filled with colours and shapes encourages visual developments and helps their learning process. It could even be the perfect accessory for a toddler’s gym or playpen.

Big building blocks

A kid’s enthusiasm to construct towers is commonly felt. Stacking one colourful block after the other and hearing that satisfying click is far from boring for them. Building blocks aren’t all entertainment. It encourages kid to work on their focus and concentrating skills. If playing with a group of kids, it could even teach them to share. Building blocks of different shapes can help familiarize kids with shapes and structure.

Musical learning toy

What grab’s a kid’s attention better than music? A musical learning toy can get them excited and attentive to the knowledge being fed. It’s a fun way to learn and enjoy the pleasure of music at the same time. This could even help develop words and sentences quicker. Music helps spark their interest and emotion. There isn’t a lack of neither entertainment nor education when it comes to a musical toy.

Alphabet and number blocks

That’s another way to go when it comes to bringing fun and learning together for a toddler. It helps them recognize alphabets and letters individually and makes a great choice for the kid’s development.  These blocks teach them the chronological order of number and alphabets with the presence of visual imagery, which helps kids remember better. Alphabet blocks can help them create words and increase their little vocabulary without hard work.

Of course, fun toys such as action figures or doll houses are an important part of their toys but it is important to take into consideration educational value as well as entertainment and engagement factors in gifts every now and then.

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