Baby Bath Essentials for Newborns

Aside from all those baby essentials for sleep and feeding, there’s still more things you need to prepare before your little one arrives such as baby bath essentials. Babies’ skin is delicate and the cleansing products that they need are a lot different than ours.

You can’t just use your regular bath soap to bath a newborn since it might cause irritation on your little one’s skin. Aside from that, babies don’t really get that dirty so it’s not that necessary to give them a bath daily and use cleansing products that promise a thoroughly clean skin.

To help you out in shopping for baby bath products, here are the essentials you should have.

Fragrance-Free Baby Wash

Some babies have extra sensitive skin that reacts negatively to fragrance and chemicals found in baby products. Choose a fragrance-free baby wash and other baby bathing products instead to avoid that problem from occurring. An all-in-one baby wash is a perfect choice since you can use the same product to wash all of your baby’s body including the hair and face.

Bath Tub

You’ll need something that will support your baby while you give him a bath. When choosing a bath tub for newborns, look for a design with a slight angle on one side to support baby’s back. It shouldn’t be too upright or totally flat either. Newborns aren’t that mobile yet and could even drown in an inch of water if left unattended at the bath tub. Never leave a newborn at the tub during bath time for full safety.

Washcloth and Rinsing Cup

Babies have a lot of rolls and folds all over their body. To get those areas clean, use a soft soapy washcloth to gently scrub stubborn dirt stuck in between the folds. Then, move on and scrub all over the body gently to clean baby’s skin. After lathering, you’ll need a small easy-to-grip rinsing cup to wash out all those soap and bubbles off the skin. Just be careful when washing baby’s face since most babies find this step uncomfortable.

Bath Toys

To make bath time more fun and interesting, give your little one a few bath toys to play with in the tub. From rubber ducks, boats, throwing rings, and many more, you can surely get your baby entertained while you clean off stubborn dirt. Aside from adding a fun element to bath times, it can also help calm a finicky baby in the bath.

Hooded Towel

Unlike a regular towel, a hooded towel has a pouch on one side that fits a baby’s head. After bathing, simply scoop up baby from the tub, put the hood over his head and use the other edges to wrap baby all over and keep him warm and comfortable.

Once you have all these essentials ready, your baby is now ready to take his first ever soak in the bath tub. Just keep in mind to provide full support especially when bathing a newborn and younger baby since they are not agile yet and really slippery in the bath.

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