Different Ways to Display Your Awards

You should be proud of your achievements, certificates, and medals. If you paid for engraved services to design a placard for your prize, you’ll want to display it properly. Create a personalized showcase for your collection to show off your accomplishments.

Traditional Shelf Displays

Classical shelf displays are an excellent method to exhibit your trophy and standing awards. It may be positioned practically anyplace and will keep your prizes at eye level, making them easily visible.

Shadowboxes and Medal Racks

Medal racks and shadowboxes are ideal for exhibiting medals that still have their ribbons on. They allow the entire medal, as well as a portion of their ribbon, to be displayed in a uniform and organized manner. Shadowboxes enable you to display your prizes against a felt backdrop behind glass. A shadowbox may hold numerous medals, allowing you to keep them close at hand.

Framing Expertise

The most frequent technique of presenting licenses and certificates is proper framing. Engraving services can include a plate with the date and location of the diploma’s receipt. A professional framework and matte are the ideal approach to highlight a diploma or get medal framing and give it an air of beauty and class.

Grad Party Centrepiece Arrangement

Make an awards table if you’re throwing a graduation party. This is an excellent location for displaying all of the awards that have been awarded in a straightforward manner. Certificates can be placed in front of the table, while larger trophies can be placed at the back of the table.

A Case of Awards

Make an awards display case out of an unused retail showcase. The staggered racks enable you to exhibit awards of various sizes without blocking the view or burying them behind one another. Because the awards case is made of glass, you can see the prizes from a variety of perspectives.

Shelves and Photos Framed

Make a one-of-a-kind display with shelving and picture frames to showcase your trophies and treasured images. To create an incredible impression, attach a ledge rack with a flat piece at the bottom and a picture frame just above it. Trophies may be hung on the shelf, and stylish knobs may be fastened onto the flat piece to hang all of your medals.

Sharing Your Family’s Honours

One of the finest methods to display awards is to exhibit your family’s awards beside your own. You can gather all of your honours together and encircle them with academic images of you and your parents, siblings, or anybody else you want to include.


Make a stunning plaque out of your diplomas or accolades by grouping them together and adding a unique touch, such as etching names or initials. You may make an eye-catching display of your prizes by using gallery lights.

Displays that dangle

Hanging your medals is a terrific way to show off your accomplishments. Hanging displays can be used in a variety of imaginative ways. You may, for instance, hang your academic success next to your college/university mascot or an inspiring quote about your accomplishments.

You can also hang your academic credentials and post them above your desk, bedroom, hall, or anywhere else you want to show off your achievements.

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