Factors Why Relationships Fail and Connection Falls apart

One of the most complex parts of human existence is the creations of relationships. This part of our being is so mysterious yet as vital in terms of our existence and survival as a species and as an individual. Take for example that we are to create relationships first before a family can ever be created of formed.

Relationships are also the foundation of our mingling and intermingling with other societies and other cultures, given that we cannot communicate effectively if we are not able to bridge a sort of connection and build a stable relationship with other people and their way of living.

Policies both local and foreign cannot also be much effective without building relationships. Every corner of our lives is built upon relationships. As much as it is very important as to how to build and maintain them, it is also imperative to point the factors as to why relationships fail.

Dissolution of Trust

One of the building blocks of relationships is trust. Trust builds and binds relationships together. It is the one factor that must be kept unstained and one thing that must not be broken by any party in any relationship at all. This concept is the very lifeblood of relationships. Even with everything such as emotions, passion, and attachment, but without trust the whole relationship will fail to grow and will fail to mature and bear fruit.

Denial of any Problem and Issue

Very problem that is shrugged under a rug is just trouble with growing interest and like a ticking bomb is just waiting for a time to explode and it will blow and when it does it will blow out of proportion and that without remedy.

In every relationship it is important to address every issue that arises, whether it be big or small. One thing that could happen is that the more we deny problems that bigger it grows and the more uncontrollable it becomes in the long run. If a problem arises it pay to seek help such that relationships counselling Sydney and other counselling clinics are available and are ready to help.  

Familiarity with Pain

Do not let the other member of a relationship feel pained and unjustly hurt on a regular basis because the more that a person feels unjustly hurt the more these negative emotions get stored up deep inside the person and one of the things that can probably happen is that it will be the cause on to which the relationship will fail to grow.

It is important in a relationship that both parties are expected to respect each other and accept that their partner is not perfect and, in many ways, could hurt them, and to know that their parent will always have this conscious effort to not let the other person be hurt. 

As complex as we are, we still need to build good relations with other people, for if we cannot have this, we have already failed as a person and will bear the consequence of our incapacity through society’s unjust judgment and punishment. 

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