Four-legged Fashion Models

Pet fashion is almost as diverse as the one for humans that sometimes you have to wonder if thepet fashion market is actually more diverse than ours.In any case, you should check outwhat’snew in this up-and-coming industry where you have the pets of celebrities being marketed andhigh-end products being offered to consumers around the globe, everything from Polo shirts to ties and accessories, tail decorations and so on.

With all these pet fashion going on, you really have to wonder what the animals’ rights organizations’ opinion is on this topic. They seem tofocus more on practicality than the fashionable side of it. They want to make sure that pet clothing isn’t going to restrict the freedoms of animals, are not going to cause them any health issues and are not going to cause any physical discomfort to them.

Animals’ rights activists and mother NGO groups bring up the point of animals being restricted the freedom of movement because of pet clothing, and they also bring up the fact that these animals may not need clothing at all. emphasis on the word “may” because it does not apply strictly to all animals, some need a lot of attention and care including clothingthat heats and warm them in extreme cold and coolthem in the extreme heat.

So let’s go ahead and see why people rally around “Buy pet products”.

What makes people choose pet clothing?

For some it is a practical choice. Hoodies are super cute and it insulates the little puppers in cold weather. They can also help keep very anxious breeds of dogs calm. Another practical pet clothing item is the raincoat. Pet raincoats will keep your pet’s fur from getting wet. The poor things will not have to be cold with fur and the benefits for you are avoiding a damp smelling pet and the inconvenience of drying them. Pert shirts are also a very practical clothing item where the fur that they shed will stick to the shirt itself. This means no situations where you have fur all over the sofas or chairs in your car.

As far as expressing yourself is concerned, you can now do it through you loved pets too. There can be (and are) are lot of high fashion, high statement outfits available your cats and dogs. Some choose to be very festive by dressing up pets for the holidays like Santa Claus for Christmas and cute ghosts for Halloween, bunnies to Easter.

For others it can be just the trend and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Its fun and its cute and its for everyone. There seems to be a pet dress-up season where Instagram will be filled with lovely pictures pets in clothes. The next big thing are pet dress contests- a natural biproduct of fashion and it’s been prophesied since pet clothing started becoming more mainstream.

Whatever your reasons may be, no one can deny how fun it is to dress up a pet and how cute they can be on the internet.

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