Getting Your Skin Checked: What To Expect

Not everyone is concerned about getting their skin checked on a regular basis. We usually visit a dermatologist only after we have developed a bad case of acne that makes us feel conscious. Or when we have skin allergies that do not go away even after tubes of ointment or any other skin conditions that’s been bothering us for days. But to go voluntarily to have a skin check as part of a routine check-up, not all know the importance.

If you are thinking of including a skin check in your annual or bi-annual check-up, the following list is the things you could expect to happen.

A Skin Check Takes Time

Well actually it varies. There are skin checks that last only for five minutes while others can take up to 30 minutes depending on your skin type and the number of your moles. Moles are at times the reason for melanoma or skin cancer so make sure your moles are checked regularly. Inform your doctor or dermatologist if any of your moles are painful, bleeding, oozing or if it is a new mole and you are over 20 years of age.

A Skin Check Uses A Dermatoscopy

Fortunately, if you go ahead for a skin check, the procedure is painless. With the use of a dermatoscopy, a flashlight or a torch with a magnifying glass at the end, the doctor or dermatologist would be able to get a closer look at any mole, spot or discoloration on your skin that might be a cause of concern. It is also usual for the doctor to take photos to have a comparison if the mole or spot is growing or changing in appearance during your visits.

A Skin Check Could Determine If A Mole Or Spot Needs Further Testing

If there is a mole or spot that is out of the ordinary, your doctor would recommend further examination. This could be done by getting a sample and sending it to a pathology laboratory for testing. The results might take from one day to several, depending on the laboratory and if they have received numerous samples. If in case a surgery or mole removal needs to be performed, your doctor would schedule it in his office or clinic. It is only minor surgery and there is no need to go to a hospital for it. There are other cases when surgery is not necessary and radiotherapy, light therapy or even cream is sufficient in curing the abnormality.

A Frequent Skin Check Might Be Required For You

Depending on the result of your initial visit, the doctor might require you to undergo a skin check frequently, especially if you are at risk of developing skin cancer. The frequency of the visit might be for every few months to, annually to bi-annually. No matter the frequency is, it is best to adhere to what your doctor advised you.

When you go for your skin check, don’t be surprised or alarmed when the doctor asked you to get undressed. It is better that there are no restrictions when they perform the check-up.

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