Gift Wrapping: Things to Know About Box-Styled Wrap

Choosing a gift is itself a challenging task. Especially when one is clueless about what to get! And, that leads to them doing a whole lot of math before purchasing the “ideal” gift. However, getting the right present is just one half of the gifting process. The other half is to wrap the gift in a charming way. 

From ready-made packaging to trying out DIY wrapping- there are endless ideas of how to wrap a gift perfectly.

What are the different types of present box styles?

As mentioned above, there are various methods to wrap a gift; and one of them is the box style wrap. Following this are a few common ways to wrap the gift when it comes to case style. One can choose the most convenient method accordingly to present the gift in an elegant manner!

The Guide to Box Styles Wrapping:

The box and Lid

If you have noticed, this method is highly used when it comes to wrapping apparel for gifting. It is the most cost-effective, convenient, and popular style for box wrap. This wrapping consists of a ready-made box- meaning it has a base with either a full or partial length lid. Hence, one can entirely lift the cover and set the gifting item in the base. Moreover, these boxes can be customized according to the required dimensions.

Hamilton collapsible magnetic cases

The Hamilton cases are designed from cupboard, having a stunning matt finish on the inside and the outside. It does not end there; the collapsible gift boxes are further secured with a magnetic lock. Hence ensuring an elegant packing of the gift, that speaks the quality for itself! One could use this box case packaging to create a lasting impression. Perhaps, the receiver of this present could also re-use the box for gifting. Or use it as a storage box. 

The shoulder box wrap

With an interior shoulder, this style of wrapping has a base and cover that rest on an even level with each other. It can come in two ways, either with a hidden shoulder or a displayed shoulder. The existence of a hidden shoulder is not realized until the box is opened.

Likewise, the exposed shoulder is visible from the outside. Moreover, to make the packaging look more eye-catching, the exposed shoulder is denoted with a contrasting colour. Gift wrap tip- if you want to gift a valuable item, such as a gold coin, a shoulder box is an ideal packaging! It enhances the whole value of the gift.

The hinged box 

It is fairly similar to the box and lid style, except that one side of it is joined to the case. The hinged boxes have few classifications to the style. There are three sides hinged lid gift box that has the cover section attached to the top corner of one side of the base. Furthermore, there are also four sides hinged lid box too. These have the lid section connected to one side at the bottom end of the base.

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