Helpful Job Search Tips

Job searching can be quite exhausting when you spend hours on end applying for jobs without getting a good result. While this can bring your morale down, you need to look at why your job search has become unsuccessful and change your tactics in order to secure a position.

Give Yourself the Best Possible Chance with the Resume

When you’re applying for a certain job, go through what they require in a candidate. This will be specified on the job listing. Understanding the job selection criteria will have a big impact on your response. After this, you have to see what strengths you have that will be an advantage. You have to make sure that you’re ticking most of the boxes. A resume is how you get your foot in the door and you have to make a good impact with it. If you’re unsure of how to customise your resume, you can always get the help of a professional. There are many tutorials such as Career fix’s tutorials that will get you up to speed with what you have to do to fine tune your resume or cover letter.

Customise Your Resume to the Job

A resume is not a permanent record of your skills. It should be able to adapt with the skills that you collect and to the jobs you’re going to apply. Always keep modifying your resume and your LinkedIn profile to match the job that you’re applying for. The hiring managers need to see why you would be a good candidate and an ideal fit for the position they’re looking for. You can divide the resume into sections so that it is easy to understand and create a summary statement for the different positions that you’re applying for.

In this age of technology, having a LinkedIn profile is a must for any candidate. Hiring managers and recruiters are increasingly using LinkedIn as their main research tool. So you need to have a very detailed profile on it so that you become more visible and accessible.

Expand Your Job Search

The internet has made job searching quite easy and anyone can send a quick online application in no time at all. But sending an online application should not be the end of your effort. You can get to know the people who are working for that company. You may have friends or batch mates that are currently working in the company. Find a connection to your would-be peers can get an idea of what working in that environment is like and most importantly, what they expect a candidate to be.

Let Your Confidence Shine

While you should come across as professional in any interview, you should also keep your personality intact so that you don’t bore whoever is interviewing you. Playing it safe is not always going to help in making you memorable out of a list of hundred candidates. You have to endear yourself to the company while maintaining professional conduct. Don’t give the same correct answers that everyone gives to the interview questions. Be personable and innovative. You have to make sure that your resume and cover letter doesn’t resemble that of all other candidates. This means staying out of the safe and generalised resumes that everyone uses and customising them to reflect your personality. Your voice needs to come through loud and clear when somebody is reading your profile.

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