Here is a 3-minute read to using Facebook Ads like a Pro

When Facebook reported over 2.5 billion monthly active users in 2019, it became apparent how giant the company is. The social media titan caters to one third of the world’s population. Having access to this massive market without physically approaching them is a gold mine for any kind of business. However, the disadvantage of having such an accessible platform is that it is used by everyone. The advertising space is saturated. Without having a Facebook ads campaign that stands out, competition is too high. Where does having an outstanding ads campaign start?

Step 1 is to consider the type of ad that you will use and there are many to choose from – pictures, videos, slideshows, carousels, dynamic ads and so on. While each type can market your business, video ads for mobile are becoming much more effective. In any case, a good mix of Facebook ad types will diversify and increase the impression they will receive. Interested? There are even more things to learn beyond a 3 minute read if you visit facebook advertising Torquay. Next is optimizing whatever ad type that you chose so that it fits Facebook’s platform perfectly. For video, these can be things like avoiding widescreen video and utilizing vertical/square video format, adding subtitles, keeping videos short and sweet but the same train of thought can be applied to images and other types of ads as well.

Step 2 is defining a purpose for your ads campaign and setting objectives (case in point, it is the first question that is asked by the Facebook Ads Manager when creating a new campaign). A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if the ads campaign is aimed at awareness, increase traffic, or improve sales. Having a vision for your ads campaign will make it more streamlined. Now you can use the usual marketing strategies, from creating a sense of urgency to including social proof.

Step 3 is configuring the Facebook Ads Manager properly. After creating the campaign and entering the necessary details, it is vitally important that you choose the correct target audience. This is Facebook’s strength and businesses need to take advantage of it. It is not enough to select your audience by age, location, and gender but also by behaviour and interests. Its in this step that you should also consider placement and budget. Rather than letting Facebook choose the placement for you based on your previous specification, it is more effective to do it on your own in a way that is makes sense for the business. For example, if you are advertising to young people, place the ads on the explore page. If it is for adults, place it on the marketplace. As far as budget is concerned, it is wise to stick to a strict budget over a certain period so that you won’t be charged when the time ends.

Lastly, do not forget to track your ads. Constantly check, measure, analyse and tweak the performance of your ads campaign to get the most out of the platform. Monitoring your campaign is the only way you will know what works and what does not. However, if everything goes as planned, you now have a successful Facebook ads campaign.

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