How To Glam Up Your Winter Wardrobe

Winters are cold, uncomfortable and lesser you have to go out in the cold the better. We all prefer curling up at home where it’s warm and cosy instead having to wear layers of clothing in order to avoid freezing. The winter colours mostly consist of blacks, greys, blues and dark hues.

Due to the cold dressing, up can be the last thing on your mind. But just because it is cold and drab that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be. The key to dressing in the winter is not how many layers you wear but how well you can pair different colours to look like you haven’t put in too much effort. Here are some easy winter styling tips for your winter wardrobe.

Skinny jeans and boots

Skinny jeans hug your legs, so that is what makes them perfect during winter. They usually reach right down to the ankles keeping the cold from hitting your ankles Jeans can be worn with anything and the colours can be mixed and match with all types of tops. Dress up skinny jeans with boots or sneakers to trap in the heat while you are out and about on a winter day.

Faux fur jackets

Faux fur makes its own statement so that alone is enough to make you stand out from the rest. A faux fur jackets comes in various colours and patterns. It is best advised to get a fur that can be worn with any type of outfit. If you are looking for a faux fur coat, check out Scanlan Theodore new arrivals for some cool and edgy fur coat designs.

The Go to sweater

We all have out go to sweater that works 100% of the time. Cashmere sweaters are not heavy but provide a snug and warm fit, perfect for a winter day. The texture is soft and can be worn for a long time just for how comfortable it is.

They come in various cuts, colours and shapes that can be worn with pants, skirts or even a dress. A cashmere sweater can be dressed up or down depending on the mood or occasion. You cannot go wrong with a cashmere sweater and is definitely recommended for a winter wardrobe.


What’s worse than the cold itself is having to deal with frozen ears. The ears and head are the most vulnerable places to the cold and it can only be avoided wearing proper protection. Use a hat or a fedora to protect your head from the cold breeze and also as a fashion statement.

Boots for days

Warm feet are the best way to go about winter; whether you are the knee boots or just the ankle boots type these are great fashion accessories to keep you warm and have your outfit on point. Get a pair of boots that works best for you and make sure to try them on before you buy them. Nothing is worse than a pair of uncomfortable shoes to walk in during winter.

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