How to Hang Huge Artworks

Hanging huge artworks are really challenging. They are bulky and heavy so you’ll need to choose your hanging supplies wisely otherwise your artwork might fall and get damaged. Aside from the hanging supplies, you also need to consider the wall where you plan to hang the artwork. It should be stable and sturdy enough to support the weight of it.

If you have a big wall art that is waiting to be displayed yet you’re not sure what to do, here are some of the best ways to hang it.

Know the Weight First

Before anything else, weigh the artwork first so you’ll have an idea on what hanging materials should be used. Artworks that are weighing more than 10 pounds are considered huge so you’ll need to find art hanging accessories that could support this weight.

Hanging on Drywall

The drywall is a common part of every modern home. Instead of the traditional plaster-wall, drywall is more commonly used today. You can still hang big artworks on a drywall if you use the right hanging accessories. If your art weighs 10 to 20 pounds, plastic drywall anchors are perfect to support it.

However, if it weighs more than 20 pounds, you’ll need something that could provide more support such as a metal wall anchor. Be sure to attach it into the stud to support that much weight. A thin nail is enough to support artworks that weigh until 20 pounds. If your art is heavier than that, you’ll need coarse threaded wooden screws to hold it.

Using Wall Anchors

There are some cases when you can’t locate the stud or it is simply not accessible in your drywall. In this situation, you can still hang big wall arts with the use of correct materials – the drywall anchors. You could use this to attach directly anywhere into the drywall. It has an anchor which provides more support to the screw and prevents it from coming off loose. For artworks that weigh 20 pounds or less, you could use plastic wall anchors for it. For those heavier than that, you’ll need metal wall anchors that could provide better support for heavy items.

Using Hanging Hooks

If you’re fine driving a nail into your wall, hanging hooks are a great option to hang heavy artworks. However, be sure to attach it into a stud for adequate support. Hanging hooks can hold heavy items up to 25 pounds per hook. So, if your wall art weighs around 40 to 50 pounds, 2 hanging hooks are enough to hold it but you could always add another for more support.

Using Rail-Cable Hanging Kit

Rail cables are perfect in supporting any weight capacity as long as the system is attached properly into the wall. A rail setup is attached to the wall and has cables that could hold any weight. To hang your artworks, you need to use hooks and attach them to the cables. This is a perfect solution if you don’t want driving screws or nails into the walls.

With those different techniques, you now have an idea on which hanging solution works best for your artwork and wall.

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