Market umbrellas were originally designed to shield marketplace merchants, such as those with farm stalls or food carts, as well as their clients and their merchandise, from the sun, rain, and even snow. It’s critical that umbrellas are durable enough to endure wind and other harsh weather conditions. They were commonly used for temporary areas,

Waste as a resource

Take a moment and think how much waste you dispose to the nature and how much it could be harmful, yes, it is a lot, The amount of waste we generate is same as our consumption and production. Large amounts of waste starting from food and garden waste, industrial and mining waste to plastic bags,

How to Use Artificial Grass at Home

Artificial grass is becoming popular lately because of the amazing advantages it offers. Aside from having the look and feel of natural grass, you don’t have to worry much about maintenance. You can be sure that your lawn will look lush and green all throughout the year no matter what season it is. Compared to