Perfect Outfit Inspirations for All Kinds of Cocktail Parties

Special events are definitely exciting but deciding on which outfit to wear can be confusing sometimes. In most cases, a dress code is included in the invitation but sometimes finding the perfect outfit can really be challenging.

One of the most common dress codes for special events is cocktail attire. Building up a cocktail ensemble can be challenging since you have to dress fabulously and appropriate at the same time. Cocktail attire can vary depending on the type of party or where it is held. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect cocktail ensemble on different occasions.

Formal Cocktail

For formal cocktail events, a little black dress is the most popular pick. It is both glamorous and appropriate for a formal event, as long as you choose the right neck and hemlines. Choose a LBD that is made from high quality fabric for a glamorous look. Don’t forget to accessorize with sleek or small pieces of jewellery to complete your look. Pair it with sleek heels and a small clutch back for a classy appearance. Shop conveniently for party dresses online and find the perfect one for your ensemble.

Business Cocktail

Business cocktail attire can be quite challenging to attain. You should dress appropriately for the event without looking like you’re just heading to the office. To achieve this look, choose a sophisticated dress that is currently in the trend. Then accessorize with dainty accessories made from gold or silver to complete the look.

Festive Cocktail

Cocktail parties are popular during the holiday season and during these events, your cocktail attire should also look festive to match the atmosphere. Pick a glamorous dress in festive colours like those in bright red. Then, style it up with bold accessories in metallic hues for a festive vibe perfect for the occasion.

Casual Cocktail

As opposite to formal cocktail, casual cocktail is a lot more relaxed when it comes to the pieces and accessories. Unlike formal cocktail, loose dresses are more appropriate for casual cocktail. You can choose from shift dresses in plain colour. Then, glam it up with chic accessories, a small bag, and of course a pair of comfy heels. Your goal is to look presentable and relaxed yet still glamorous for the event.

Beach Cocktail

Cocktail events can also be held in the beach and the attire that best suits the occasion is a lot different than the usual cocktail outfits. To nail a beach cocktail attire, choose a dress in vibrant colours. You can also go for tropical prints for an added style. Free and flowy dresses are the best option for this and not those restrictive ones. Pair it with statement accessories in bold colours and a comfy pair of sandals with low heels so you could wear them on sand.

Cocktail attire is not that hard to achieve if you know the basic pieces that makes it up. With this simple guide, you can now easily make up the perfect cocktail outfit that would fit the occasion you’ll be attending.

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