Skin Care Guide: Exfoliation and Its Significance

You may think that by simply cleansing, moisturizing or even using a serum and SPF you’re doing all that needs to be done in order to maintain a healthy skin. But you could not be more wrong. If there’s no exfoliation in the process of your skin care routine, it could do more damage than good as time passes. This is due to the fact that exfoliation is a core process that helps clean dead cells and allows things such as moisturizers, serums, etc to penetrate deeper into your skin making it more effective. Here’s a little extra insight on exfoliation.

Why is exfoliating important

Like mentioned above, exfoliating help clear your dead skin cells. The importance of having your dead cells cleared is more than just simple beauty reasons. Your skin sheds cell every often or so and the cells are then regenerated, which means that they keep producing new ones. If the dead skin cells aren’t’ taken out of the way, they tend to pile up over your skin. This results in a dry and flaky skin and could also cause pimples or acne due to excess oil or your skin being clogged up. 

So, making a habit of exfoliating can help you avoid such scenarios. It’ll remove the blockage of dead skin cells allowing your skin to receive the proper moisture and care, keeping it fresh, healthy and glowing even in the long run.

The right way to exfoliate your skin

If not done right, or done too much, exfoliating can be a harsh process. Always remember that your skin doesn’t need to be exfoliated every day. It’s plentiful to exfoliate just once or twice a week maximum. When exfoliating, be gentle and scrub in easy going circles. Avoid exfoliating injured areas such as cuts wound or burns. If scrubbed too hard and too often, it could result in damaging the soft layer of your skin as well stripping your skin off the natural oils present.

There are several different types of scrubs you can use to exfoliate. However, it is best to use ones with natural ingredients. You could buy sugar scrub, honey scrub, aloe scrub, or fruit scrub all of which have soothing and enriching properties.

The benefits of exfoliation

Exfoliating to clear your dead skin cells is the core reason that in turn leads to several other benefits. Some are as follows:

Prevention of acne and blemishes – the unclogging of pores due to exfoliating leads to prevention of acne and even severe cases of black heads or white heads. 

Keeps and even skin tone – removing the dead skin cells smoothens the texture of the skin. And with patience it can eventually help you get rid of rough skin, hyper pigmentations and even acne scars.

Boost’s circulation – exfoliating not only cleanses the external layers of your skin, but also the internal ones. The cleansing of all unhealthy toxins can lead to a healthy circulation.

Some of the other benefits include increase in cell turn-over, collagen stimulation and skin hydration.

Remember, exfoliation isn’t just for your face!

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