Waste as a resource

Take a moment and think how much waste you dispose to the nature and how much it could be harmful, yes, it is a lot, The amount of waste we generate is same as our consumption and production. Large amounts of waste starting from food and garden waste, industrial and mining waste to plastic bags, paper…the list goes on. The surprising story behind this waste cycle is that personal households produce more waste making it difficult to take a complete overview of waste we produce.

According to research, skip bin recycling process is rising as an option for waste management. Skip bins are large waste containers of different sizes that load waste to recycle, so it becomes an easy method of waste management, you could get more information from 9m skip bin hire Geelong if required to learn more about this method.  

we generate waste, we become waste

From around twenty-nine countries, 60% of waste contain mineral waste, soil from mining and constructions, metals, papers, medicinal wastes etc. 10% of waste as mentioned above isgenerated by households and around 481kg of waste is generated by one person as proved in research

We are the reason of this poor waste managementand the reason to cause,

Soil pollution- humans harvest food for consumption in very high quantities, if polythene, plastics and waste get disposed to land the whole harvest,soil,life get destroyed. Natural disasters like soil erosions, earth slips will rise.

Water pollution- factory waste, heavy metals added to water streams destroy the marine life and the condition of water. Polluted water starts producing methane and toxics which become unusable. Every book mention 70% of earth’s surface is covered by water but less is useable for humans. Dearth of water cause millions of deaths, diseases and extinction

Air pollution- waste starts to ferment and produce toxic gases which affects the atmosphere leading to global warming. Unbearable heat waves are results of air pollution which was caused due to improper waste management

Methods of waste management

Following the guidelines provided by environmental authorities and government is the best way you can help to promote proper waste management

Recycling- converting waste materials to new reusableresource. As it can prevent the waste of materials, reduces greenhouse gas emissions etc.,

Preventing the use of landfills to dumb waste- some countries use waste to fill land which could dispose toxics to water and soil

Composting- is the best method of waste management which could even use in organic harvesting dropping chemicals. Which also is an economic benefit to all countries

Converting waste to energy-helps to reduce greenhouse gasses, carbon dioxide and many harmful gases

Hiring skip bins for waste disposal- another easy method of waste management in collecting waste and proper recycling proses is more explained below

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